About Us 

This website is not an official website of Smoke DZA. This is mainly created for the convenience of the fans of Smoke DZA. Here is where everything about him is collated, from the albums that are newly released, to giveaways on concerts and other shows, up to other fan paraphernalia that is of limited edition and cannot be found elsewhere. By subscribing to this site through our newsletter, we guarantee you that you will never be left behind again.  


Smokedza.net is being managed by a group of fans that are in support if Smoked DZA. It was created in 2005 and since then became a platform where fans worldwide could interact with each other and could share important news about their idol. Although creators serve as mediators from time to time, people who are members could interact here freely without barriers. Even if you are not very fluent in the English language, you can appreciate everything here especially after we had incorporated language translation in our interface. Now, you can translate all you want to be better understood and for others to better understand you. 


Throughout the year of the creation of this site, the founders continuously try to find a way to further improve it for the benefit of the stakeholders. Advice from the followers is even solicited to arrive at newer and fresher ideas. The result had been awesome and it brought closer all the fans around the world. It also made the support for Smoke DZA stronger than ever. One thing that this site does promise you is that this site would regularly be updated for your convenience. We are not going to stop in bringing you the latest news you need to be closer to Smoke DZA. You are always on the front line for the updates. We’ll never turn our backs on you.