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There so many new and talented rap artists nowadays. They have made the rap music scene so alive and vibrant. I must admit I have been on hiatus from rap music after the Eminem days. And now that I am looking up the latest updates about the rap industry and listening to samples, I am in awe of how much this music genre has grown. I am amazed at the vast talent of performers who have made it big in the industry – talents such as Drake, Jay Z, 50 Cent, The Weekend, Tyga, Wu-Tang Clan, and Smoke DZA. These names are now household names which speak of the influence and reach of rap music in the present time. Yes, rap music is so relevant up to this time. It has evolved through the ages but it is still true to its core – being able to express the writer’s thoughts freely and creatively. The main elements of rap music are content, flow, and delivery. The words are given life when delivered with the proper backbeat and musical accompaniment. The right amount of precision resistor values should be applied to the background.  And the result is an amazing delivery of rhythmic performance – a catchy beat and a smooth flow of music with a valid content that speaks about life, society, and emotions. It takes a different kind of talent the sustain the beat and to deliver the content continuously, smoothly, and effortlessly. Their breath control is amazing given that they can still enunciate the words properly and clearly.  I lose my breath just listening to their songs. It is an achievement on my part when I can sing along to every beat and rhyme of a rap song. But there are some songs that take rapping to a different level and can leave you with your mouth hanging open.

Rap traces its beginnings from the Africans who told their stories rhythmically, oftentimes with the accompaniment of musical instruments such as drums to carry the beat. Africans had oral historians and praise singers who used rap as a way of chanting and storytelling. Now, rap music has evolved. Instead of just a simple beat of the drums, DJs, beatboxers, and turntablists have joined in on the fun to give the rap songs more flavor and rhythm.

Rap music is used to express thought and opinions in and out of the music scene. It has political, social, and cultural themes. It takes such a bright mind to be able to use rhythm and rhyme to open the minds of people about different socio-cultural and political topics. Rap artists have taken their freedom of expression to heart and used it to educate the minds of the people about what is really happening all around us. And that is what makes rap music so relevant even at this age and time. Rap music just oozes with energy. It is a beautiful combination of speech, poem, prose, and singing. This is what makes it a genre of its own.

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He specializes in the hip-hop scene which he loved ever since

Upping Your Ante in Supporting Smoke DZA 


Welcome to the Fan Site of SMOKE DZA!  


This site has been created for the fans of Smoke DZA to have a common platform where they can freely interact and get the latest and most up-to-date news in their idol. Here is where they could get limited items that they could add to their collection from other collectors as well. Here, they can freely discuss Smoke DZA and his latest gigs to those people who’d understand it the best. In this website, you can be as nerdy as you can be in loving the works of Smoke DZA. 


For those who don’t know it yet, Smoke DZA is a recording artist. He specializes in the hip-hop scene which he loved ever since he was just a young boy. In fact, back when he was still a kid, he already loved to engage in rapping battles which showcase his creativity and wit. He gets inspiration from his favorite rap artists which already created big names for themselves. Because of his continues reinvention of his style, the crowd never got tired of him. In fact, this is even what made him shine to be discovered later on to a position that allowed him to jumpstart his career. He was first a member of the group Smoke & Numbers until he decided to go solo back in late 2000. Since then, he already made a name that is being followed by hundreds and thousands of fans up to this day. This man is really an epitome of honest music. You can take his music home by downloading it via legitimate music sites, or by buying his albums in the record stores. 


If you are a Smoke DZA fans, you’d appreciate the content of this website. When it comes to updates that matter and what is deemed as important, you can get it all here. Plus, the behind the scene passes are always on this website. We have access to the latest releases even before it is even available in the market. Imagine getting ahead of your friends when it comes to the news pertaining to Smoke DZA – that’s exactly what you can get here. 


Every once in a while, Smoke DZA fans come together as one to show support for this hip-hop icon whenever he celebrates an album release. We party together and rally behind our favorite icon. The place does not even need to be fancy. We do it at any of the available house, sometimes even behind garage doors made by A1 Garage Door Service in Milwaukee. Other times we even rent a place to celebrate. What matters is us being together during this momentous occasion in the life of Smoke DZA. The best part here is we help each other to acquire even the most exclusive merchandise from Smoke DZA. 


What would keep you updated? Simple. You just need to monitor our updates on this site. Just so you are covered, you can also sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss anything. Just go around this site to know how. 

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