We understand that some remain curious regarding the goals of this site. From time to time, we are receiving emails that are making inquiries regarding the “products” and “services” we offer. To avoid confusion, we have provided here answers to your most frequently asked questions. 


Is this the official website of Smoke DZA? 


Nope, it is not. Perhaps if you browse the internet, you can find it but this is not definitely it. We are simply fans of the hip-hop icon. This site is mainly created to pay tribute to his unparalleled skills. This is also a place where everyone could get the latest news about Smoke DZA and everything about him. 


What products do you sell? 


We do not sell any products here, nor services. But we suggest places where you can find Smoke DZA fan materials. From shirts to caps, down to mugs and posters, we have a listing here on where you could get them. Although there are also others here who volunteer to look for the specific merchandise you are looking for. They offer to trade these products or to resell it. We are not responsible for this people, nor do we earn from what they sell. 


Is there a regular schedule of the fan get together?  


Nope, there is none. We just announce here if the majority is available for meetups. 


Do we need to pay some sort of a fee for this events? 


Nope, you don’t. That is unless stated otherwise. All of this is free but it is greatly appreciated if you can bring with you food to share with others. We usually plan these events to be a potluck sort of thing to make it more enjoyable to everyone. 


Do you have any other questions? Check out our contact page to know how to contact us.